Environment Issues

If we are really to "secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity," we need to ensure that our posterity inherit a more sustainable version of the world than the one into which we were born.

The Future

We must not forget the lessons from The Golden Goose. Sustainable energy production and use will keep the Goose laying its golden eggs. Alternatively, we can choose to sacrifice the Golden Goose in an attempt to brighten today by sacrificing the future. There's still some time to reduce the effects of climate change without significantly sacrificing lifestyle. The window of opportunity may be closing. It would be wise to take action now to reduce any penalty we will have to pay later. If we let the climate change significantly, some areas of the globe may become less inhabitable. If I'm elected, I'll work to see that Utah assumes its proper role as a leader in sustainable economic solutions.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

I have an enviro-economic plan that involves significant technological and economic innovation to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions while improving the U.S. economy. If elected, I will take it as a sign that the United States is ready and willing to invest in the future and make the country more sustainable. If I am not elected, I will take it as a sign that the United States is not yet ready, and I'll help other countries that are ready and willing to transition to my proposed sustainable world-improving innovations. The United States has the liberty to try to remain frozen in time as other nations surpass it technologically and economically. If I'm elected, I will reveal the plan and work to implement it. In my plan, Utah has a tremendous role to play in the future of the economy and environment.

Conservation vs. Development/Restoration

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Renewable Energy

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